Health Benefits And African Mango Dosage

When dieting it is always helpful to thoroughly research every aspect of the chosen diet. The physiology of every person is different, and this fact can raise concerns aligning to required dosage of certain health products and supplements. The African mango diet is currently a very popular and successful way to lose weight and gain health, and the facts of african mango dosage will be covered here for curious minds.

African Mango Diet

The African mango-otherwise known as bush mango or wild mango-comes from the Dikanut or Dikabread tree. Research has proven that the correct dosage and balanced use of the bush mango can help prevent problems caused by diabetes, or obesity. The wide array of potential uses for the bush mango includes possible applications for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

The weight loss aspect of African mango is attributed to the stimulation of the amount of Leptin in a person’s body. Leptin is responsible for the body’s metabolism, and assists appetite regulation. Any diets should be undertaken with the correct combination of calorific intake and physical activity.

Dosage Lowdown

There have been multiple extensive studies pertaining to the correct dosage of African mango supplement, and the product is available in a powder, capsule, or liquid form. In all cases it is advisable to take the supplement 3 times daily, 30 minutes before eating, preferably with a glass of warm water. The general dosage is 150 mg per use, and this is applicable to most people, regardless of size or shape.  We recommend using as their product contains the needed amounts.

Studies of African mango use vary in their results, but it is said an average of 12.3 lbs is lost after 30 days of correct use of the supplement. Other studies have proven the benefits of African mango for the metabolism, after subjects experienced up to 9lb loss in 30 days using the nutrient alongside an 1800 calorie diet. When researching african mango dosage, the question of how much to take has been answered by extensive scientific study, and in general the supplement is deemed as a reasonable option for sensible weight loss.


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